Brick Thrown at Saba’s Pizza

Saba's Pizza 1217 Lexington Avenue

via Google Maps

This past weekend, a brick was thrown at Saba’s Pizza – located at 1217 Lexington Avenue, between 82nd and 83rd Streets – cracking the kosher pizzeria’s glass entrance door.

The Times of Israel reported the story after Jonah Rosen – co-founder of kosher restaurant support group On Mondays We Eat Local – sent an email about the incident to members of his group.

“Saba’s Upper East Side location was vandalized today, when a brick was thrown through the glass windows on the exterior of the restaurant,” Rosen wrote.

Patrons of the pizzeria tweeted about the incident as well.

The property damage inflicted on Saba’s, the only kosher pizzeria on the Upper East Side, comes amidst an increase in anti-semitic attacks throughout the city.

Council Member Ben Kallos, who is running for Manhattan Borough President, spoke to Fox 5  about the incident. “The only Kosher pizza place in the neighborhood, across the street where I go to synagogue, has been vandalized. This is happening everywhere,” Kallos said. “People are in fear all over our city and we really need to make sure we’re doing what we can to support each and every community.”

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