Fluke Fire Shuts Down ’Top Chef’ UES Restaurant and Caviar Shop 

marky's caviar huso catch fire

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On Tuesday evening, a devastating blaze ripped through the kitchen of HUSO, an upscale dining destination attached to Marky’s Caviar at 1067 Madison Avenue and 81st Street. Both businesses are closed until further notice.


The freak fire was visible to passerby from 7:30 p.m. onwards, but the news first broke on social media courtesy of Buddha Lo, HUSO’s executive chef and the season 19 winner of Top Chef. “Last night, something not so chilled happened,” Lo wrote on Instagram. “Markys caviar/Huso caught on fire. We are beyond devastated. This happened while we were closed and did not have dinner service. We are lucky that no one got hurt and that the fire department was able to put out the fire fast enough as we are at ground level of a residential building.”

Marky’s Caviar confirmed the closure on their website, also stating that all guests with pre-paid HUSO reservations will be refunded (a smaller Marky’s outpost at Grand Central remains open for any urgent sturgeon needs).

The $225-per-person tasting menu has received rave reviews in recent years, with critics praising Lo’s unique culinary approach by elevating traditional dishes with dollops of fancy fish eggs. A more reasonably priced lunch menu includes french onion dip with smoked trout roe, scrambled eggs covered in creme fraiche and caviar and the Instagram-famous Huso Dog, a hot dog bun with Alaskan King Crab, avocado and (naturally) beluga caviar on top for $50.


The intimate HUSO space and accompanying elegant eats emporium have become particularly popular as of late thanks to Danielle Zaslavsky, granddaughter of Mark Zaslavsky, the Marky’s founder and CEO. The TikTok star, who works in marketing for the family business, has amassed nearly 600,000 followers for her videos depicting different ways to eat caviar (her most viral clip involves dipping Doritos in a tin of Marky’s finest). Yesterday, she released an update, stating, “We are going to rise from this, rebuild and move forward to be even better.”

There’s no confirmed reopening date as of now. Meanwhile, Lo can be seen competing on the current season of Top Chef: World All-Stars.


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