J.G. Melon: “The Rumors Are True”

cheeseburger cottage fries JG Melon

A cheeseburger and cottage fries at J.G. Melon. Photo by @theboroughbred

On Tuesday, J.G. Melon confirmed on its Instagram page that due to a supply chain issue, the legendary burger spot’s legendary cottage fries are temporarily off the menu. “We are working hard to remedy this and have identified some choice replacements in the meantime.”

Amidst the turmoil of the frysis, several patrons mentioned that the current replacement fries are pretty good, with some actually saying they’re better.

Some of our favorite replies:

J.G. Melon, open since 1972, can be found at 1291 Third Avenue at 74th Street. As noted in the IG post above, stay tuned for updates.
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