$100K Marc Chagall Painting Stolen From East Side Gallery in Yom Kippur Heist

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Last Monday morning, as many prepared to atone on Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, burglars plotted to take advantage of the holiday closure. Their target in question? The ritzy Carlton Fine Arts gallery, located at 543 Madison Avenue and East 55th Street.


According to The New York Daily News, the robbery was of the classic “smash-and-grab” variety, leaving windows busted and glass strewn about the sleek space. Despite triggering a blaring alarm, the thief made off with a painting by French modernist artist Marc Chagall worth $100,000. In a hopeful effort to return the canvas (known as “Eve”) to its rightful home, business owner Charles Saffati is offering a hefty reward in the five figure range — no questions asked.

“This piece will be impossible to resell as it’s instantly recognizable, like the Mona Lisa. If these hoodlums haven’t already dumped it for drug money, I hope they’ll return it and take the cash reward,” Saffati quipped to the paper. He then proceeded to take aim at Eric Adams, New York City’s party-loving politico-in-charge: “Mayor Adams has to wake up and smell the bagels. First it was drugstores and supermarkets, then Gucci and Hermes, and now these street thugs are targeting high-end art galleries.”

No arrests have been made, but in the meantime, Saffati isn’t taking any chances, stating, “I have hired two round-the-clock armed guards and installed museum quality motion detectors to watch over the Warhols, Basquiats and Picassos.”


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