Arrest Made in Security Guard Stabbing

  Last modified on July 16th, 2022

It happened just after 9:00 a.m. on Friday morning. Following what police describe as a verbal altercation, a 59-year-old security guard at the Chase Bank at 244 East 86th Street was stabbed in the neck.

Following the attack, the security guard was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition. His condition, authorities say, is now stable.

Jorge Santiago, 34, was arrested early Saturday on attempted murder charges. According to the New York Post, Santiago lives on East 96th Street.

Authorities say the incident began when Santiago was trying to enter the bank at about 8:30am, before it opened. He was told the bank wasn’t open yet, but became irritated when he saw employees entering. The guard told him only employees could enter at that time.

Santiago entered the bank once it opened to make a transaction. There was some sort of issue and he was given a number for customer service, at which point he became more irritated and argued with staff members until he was asked to leave.

When the security guard attempted to escort Santiago out, that’s when he stabbed him in the neck.

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