Cop Gets Hit by Car After Trying to Thwart Robbery


An NYPD officer attempting to catch a group of thieves ended up getting hit by a car this week.

It happened on Wednesday afternoon and started when three suspects stole $10,000 worth of clothing from the Mackage at 814 Madison Avenue at East 68th Street.


Following the theft, the robbers escaped in a Nissan, drove it to East 72nd Street and hopped out. Video obtained by Eyewitness News shows the suspects then running down East 71st Street with the stolen product.

Some media reports say the Nissan was grey while others say it was black. According to NBC New York, the car had a Georgia license plate.

An NYPD officer from the 19th Precinct caught up with the abandoned Nissan to guard it, at which point he noticed another car, a black Lexus, driving the wrong way down Park Avenue.

When the Lexus was stopped in traffic, the cop tried to pull over the woman driving, standing in front of her car. But instead of cooperating, she accelerated and struck the officer, causing him to suffer a broken arm and leg. He was transported to Cornell Medical Center.

The woman, who is believed to have no connection with the robbers, was taken into custody. Her identity has not been revealed and no other arrests have been made.

Several videos of the emergency response were shared on Citizen.


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