Dog Stolen from Upper East Side Apartment

A doctor who recently moved from Texas to the Upper East Side came home after her first shift on Friday to find her dog missing from her new apartment on East 94th and Second Avenue, the New York Post reports.

The 27 year old – Dr. Autumn Brewer – came home after delivering babies for 14 hours to initially notice that her apartment door unlocked – and that her 3 year old Australian shepherd, Stella, wasn’t scratching at the door (as she usually does).

She then opened the door to find that Stella was gone – along with her collar, leash and harness.

Brewer told the police that multiple people do have access to the apartment – including a dog-walker who mentioned having an eery encounter with a neighbor during a walk earlier on Friday.

Upon arriving back to the building, the dog-walker “said another woman with a small black dog and two trash bags was just standing in the vestibule staring at them,” the Post reports, and that the lockbox for the apartment had been moved.

Pet-sitting app Rover is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who can find the dog, while also paying for “missing dog” signs to be printed.

Brewer has also launched an Instagram account, @bringstellahomenyc, to spread the word and provide updates.

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