Ida Gives FDR Drive Savage Beating

The full force of Hurricane Ida’s impact was felt on the FDR Drive Wednesday night.

Extensive flooding covered the roads and partially submerged cars, prompting drivers to abandon them and leading the NYPD to close several of the Drive’s entrances, as well as the stretch between East 75th and East 79th Streets.

On Thursday, the NYPD advised that vehicles abandoned on the highway or elsewhere would be relocated, and that drivers of these vehicles should call 311 to locate them. And there are a lot of these drivers.

Thursday afternoon saw continued flooding, dirt and debris covering the pavement, and some blocked lanes as cleanup efforts continued.

Hurricane Ida caused the National Weather Service to issue a flash flood warning for the first time in NYC history. The city saw a total of 7.13 inches of rain fall, its fifth highest daily amount. A rainfall record was also set in Central Park, which looked pretty unrecognizable.
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