Man Arrested After Impersonating Doctor, Entering UES Hospital

hospital for special surgery

A middle-aged man was recently arrested after entering an Upper East Side hospital while pretending to be a doctor.

Christopher Mount, a 45-year-old hailing from Plymouth, Massachusetts, walked into the Hospital For Special Surgery at 535 East 70th Street on Wednesday morning. He had fraudulent credentials and was wearing scrubs and a hospital badge, which seemed to have initially fooled hospital staff members, as he was directed to the vendors entrance where he stayed without permission. Hospital security then informed police of Mount’s bogus credentials, at which point officers arrested the man on charges of Criminal Impersonation, Criminal Trespassing and Trespassing.

It turns out this was Mount’s second incident of the month at the UES hospital. On the morning of May 9, he walked in while disguised as a vendor and “removed belongings (cash and wallets) belonging to employees,” according to police sources.

According to NYPD officials, Mount lives at this five-bedroom house, which according to Realtor.com was last sold for over $800,000.


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