Man Arrested After Pickpocketing Elderly Shoppers

A “lifelong criminal” was recently arrested after pickpocketing seniors as they grocery shopped, the 19th Precinct announced on Friday.

An NYPD official told East Side Feed about two police reports on file which are associated with this suspect.


The first incident took place on Friday, July 21 at about 11:43 a.m., when police responded to a 911 call of a grand larceny in the vicinity of East 82nd Street and First Avenue. Upon arrival, officers observed an unidentified individual remove items from an 85-year-old male victim’s wallet. The subject fled the location to parts unknown.

On Tuesday, August 22 at 1:05 p.m., police responded to another call about a grand larceny incident – this one at or near East 76 Street and Third Avenue. Upon arrival, officers were informed that the suspect had stolen a 77-year-old female victim’s shopping cart. He fled the location before he could be apprehended.

Robert Castillo, 61, was arrested Thursday on two charges of grand larceny in the fourth degree.

Castillo lives at 1539 Lexington Avenue, between 98th and 99th streets, which is a NYCHA development.

According to public records, he is due to appear in New York Criminal Court on September 27.


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