Man Continues Tipping Over Trash Cans on Lexington Avenue

  Last modified on November 9th, 2022

There have been ongoing complaints about an unhinged man knocking over garbage cans on Lexington Avenue this year.

From May through July, @NYCtrashtalk documented tipped over trash cans on 77th and Lexington Avenue, stating that it would happen several times per week, while frustrated over the fact that police couldn’t catch the suspect.

In response to complaints like these, the NYPD’s 19th Precinct shared a tweet on August 6 stating that “The individual that has been tipping over & vandalizing garbage cans across the Upper East Side, has been hospitalized & is being evaluated by medical professionals.”

While @NYCtrashtalk tells us it’s been a few weeks since she’s noticed the issue on 77th Street, that’s only because all garbage cans have been removed from this block.

On August 17, Andrew Fine – the Vice President of the East 86th Street Association and creator of E86th.org – said he saw the “Can Thrower of Lex” (who he confirmed to be the same person) throw a salad at a car on East 85th Street, knock over a garbage can at Famiglia on 84th and Lexington, and throw two wine bottles into the intersection at 82nd Street. He called 911, but the suspect made it into the subway before anyone arrived. Based on earlier tweets, his method of escape appears to be the subway.

We reached out to the 19th Precinct to ask about the status of the suspect, but they weren’t able to provide us with any information.
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