NYPD Kids First – A “Day of Play” at Carl Schurz Park

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea and Mayor de Blasio joined community leaders and young people to announce NYPD Kids First in late June. The initiative includes conversational forums between police officers and youth; a youth basketball league with officers serving as coaches, in addition to other free sports programs; career coaching; employment opportunities for young people and more.

“NYPD Kids First builds on the Police Commissioner’s mission to take Neighborhood Policing to the next level through initiatives to protect and serve all New York City kids.”

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“Kids First draws on talented, committed NYPD personnel, and their accumulated previous encounters with young people to make a lasting and positive difference in their lives.”

“By fostering meaningful connections with teenagers and equipping our officers with the resources to connect them with critical services, NYPD police officers will work toward our common goal of keeping all kids safe.”

“NYPD Kids First encompasses a range of programs to expand opportunity for young people – but it is more than any one program or series of initiatives. It is a philosophy running through the Department. It also serves as a crime prevention strategy, by connecting kids with employment opportunities, new skills and invaluable mentorship opportunities with members of the Department.”

Catbird Playground Carl Schurz Park

Catbird Playground in Carl Schurz Park (2008): Photo by Flickr user Eden, Janine and Jim

The 19th Precinct has announced the kick off event on the Upper East Side, which will be held from 4-7pm on July 15 at the Catbird Playground at 84th and East End Avenue in Carl Schurz Park. An NYPD Kids First “Day of Play” will be taking place every Thursday this summer at various Upper East Side park locations – follow @NYPD19Pct on Twitter for upcoming times and locations.

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