One-Legged Man Steals from CVS, Tries to Pee on Cops

one legged man robs cvs

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At least he wasn’t carrying his pisstol.

At about 12:50 p.m. on Wednesday, a 41-year-old man with a missing leg named Eutano Bernard attempted to steal about $65 dollars worth of energy drinks and padlocks from the CVS at 1294 Lexington Avenue (at 87th Street), the NY Daily News was first to report. When employees attempted to stop him, he responded violently – prompting the CVS workers to flag down two local police officers.


While the officers did ultimately detain the would-be-thief, during the fracas he managed to land a couple hits with the stolen padlocks. What’s more, as can be seen in a video originally posted to instagram, he attempted to pee on the two officers while they made their arrest.

This was not the first of Bernard’s attacks on the Upper East Side, and as it turns out, it would not be the last.

This past November, he allegedly assaulted a 70-year-old man at the 86th Street Station entrance, and in 2018, he was charged with robbery.

While he was taken for medical evaluation last Wednesday after being detained for the lock and pee incident, by Thursday, he had been charged and let out on supervised release.

Just two days later, on January 27, the same man was arrested for allegedly assaulting and threatening a 67-year-old woman, also on the Upper East Side. It’s unclear at this time when he’ll be released and what additional crimes he may be charged with.


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