Podcaster Accidentally Captures Shooting Outside UES Bar

shooting outside iggy's

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A chaotic scene unfolded on Second Avenue just before 3:00 a.m. this morning when a verbal confrontation became violent – and the audio was captured by a local podcaster.


According to NYPD officials, two couples were outside of Iggy’s Karaoke Bar on 76th and Second Ave when the argument began. One of the men took out a gun and fired nine shots, striking the other man in the leg. The shooting victim’s female companion suffered a cut to the face, and both were taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition. The unidentified shooter and the woman with him left the scene and are currently being sought by police.

The sound of the shocking incident was captured in a video shared on X. According to the New York Post, Keanu Thompson, a comedian and podcaster who lives above the bar, was talking with an on-air caller when she accidentally recorded the shooting – and her own frightened reaction.

In the video, Thomson can be heard speaking with a caller before being startled by a loud noise from outside. The loud pops continue and she eventually ducks down under her desk, even moving a chair to barricade herself. When the shots stop, a woman can be heard screaming outside. Thompson then makes a phone call and is obviously upset, sobbing “Oh my God” and telling the person that she is “terrified.” In an interview with The Post, Thompson described her fear, saying, “I literally thought, I don’t know, either end of days or some really horrifying fight.” She added “For Christ’s sake, it’s the Upper East Side!”


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