Police Chief Slams Bail Reform, Highlights Repeat Theft Patterns on Upper East Side

At a Friday press briefing, top NYPD brass gathered to discuss third quarter crime stats throughout the city.

During his time at the podium, NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey explained how grand larceny is the most frequently committed crime in NYC, adding that it accounts for 40% of all major crime.

He added that grand larceny — which is most commonly committed through the theft of property valued at $1,000 or more — “accounts for nearly half of the increase in crime this year.”

Corey added, “Arrests for indexed crimes are at a [level] not seen since 2001,” even though there are nine-thousand fewer police officers today.

“Arrests are up in every major crime category including grand larceny. So why haven’t the arrests had the impact on crime that we would expect? The answer, quite simply — particularly where grand larceny is concerned — is rampant recidivist behavior.”

The chief went on to add that it’s a small number of people causing the majority of crime throughout the city, using the Upper East Side’s 19th Precinct as an example.

“The 19th Precinct on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where grand larcenies have been spiking and now account for 70% of all the crime that occurs in the 19th Precinct, there are 43 individuals — none of whom live in the 19th Precinct — 43 individuals who have been arrested in the 19th Precinct a combined total of 438 times in 2022 alone. Those same individuals have been arrested 1,027 times city wide this year.

“So as our officers and our detectives go out every day and do their jobs, and as all of you are sitting here right now doing your jobs, these people are out there — right now — these 43 people, doing their job. And their job is to steal, and to steal as much as they can, and as often as they can. And the reason that they’re able to do that is because right now, the only consequence that they face is spending a couple of hours in a police station: a minor inconvenience. And then they are immediately re-released and go on to steal again. That is what drives the crime increase.”

The full press conference can be viewed here.
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