Suspect Arrested for Central Park Rape

The NYPD has announced that an arrest has been made for the rape which took place in the southeastern section of Central Park on Thursday morning.

Paulie Velez, 25, was arrested at 12:50am on Saturday, November 13. Velez, who police say is currently homeless, has been charged with rape, robbery, strangulation, assault, sex abuse, and criminal possession of stolen property. 

Here he is being escorted to a police car, while being asked by a reporter asks if he has anything to say for himself.

The Daily News reports that after a tipster identified the suspect as Velez, police officers tracked down his mother’s address in Ozone Park, Queens. Upon their arrival on Friday evening, Velez, who was there, escaped through the back door of the house.

After chasing Velez through backyards in his mother’s neighborhood, officers were able to catch him through the use of thermal imaging cameras.

In February 2021, Velez was arrested in Florida on kidnapping, sexual assault and battery charges. Police sources told the New York Post that he didn’t show up for the court date that was scheduled for this case.

In 2019, Velez was arrested twice in Manhattan – once for jumping a turnstile and once for stealing cigarettes from a 7-11.
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