A New Vegan Bakery on 77th Street

A new vegan and plant-based bakery – Innocent Yesterday (“Guilty Today”) – has opened its doors at 252 East 77th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. The previous tenant at this space was Le Pain Quotidien.

The new spot opened on Monday morning, but some locals have already gotten a taste of Innocent Yesterday’s offerings as the new bakery had been giving out samples pre-opening. All comments on Instagram are positive thus far.

Early tasters mention treats including fresh made pop tarts, fruit bowls, biscuits, pasta and donuts (including a “fruity pebbles beignet”).

Innocent Yesterday’s IG posts also highlight pastries including cookies and this sweet looking loaf; homemade vegan ice cream in vegan waffle cones (which come in a handful of pretty colors); various teas (jasmine silver needle and butterfly pea); coffees, juices and various savory bites.

The website is innocentyesterday.com (though as of writing, it’s just a page with an email sign up form).

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