Automated Dumpling Dispensary Opening on Upper East Side

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Upper East Side

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will be opening at 453 East 78th Street between York and First avenues

If you love dumplings and don’t care much for people, you might want to buckle up for this one. Brooklyn Dumpling Shop – a growing chain of 24-hour, automat-style eateries where customers place orders electronically and retrieve their food from lockers without a single human interaction – is expanding to the Upper East Side.


The former home of Hero Burger at 453 East 78th Street will soon be filled with machines dispensing an assortment of 32 dumplings, bowls, fries and more.

“Order online or at an in-store kiosk. Scan your barcode. Watch your locker open. Grab your food and enjoy,” the innovative eatery explains.

brooklyn dumpling shop kiosk

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

brooklyn dumpling shop ues nyc

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop

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The menu comes with both traditional and unique dumpling offerings. On the traditional side, a few options include Crispy Pork, Kung Pao Chicken and Shrimp & Vegetable Shumai. But folks are spending more time talking about the foods you’ve never considered in dumpling form: Chicken Parm, Pepperoni Pizza, Cheesesteak, Bacon Cheeseburger and beyond.


The contact-free concept has been growing steadily through its franchise model. To date, there are 28 stores in locations spanning Texas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. There are also outposts in Queens and Staten Island, and the Upper East Side automat will be the second to open in Manhattan.

We’ve reached out for an estimated opening date and will provide updates as we learn more.


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