Caroline’s Donuts Opens on Second Avenue

Caroline's Donuts

BK-based Caroline’s Donuts is about to open on the Upper East Side. The new sweet spot is located at 1631 Second Avenue (between 84th and 85th streets) and will be open on Wednesday at 9 a.m. Caroline’s is replacing Polleto Chicken and Sangria.


The most popular item at Caroline’s is its donut-croissant hybrid, known as the DoughCro. The owners tell us it was inspired by the Cronut but that it’s not identical.


They’ve also got beignet-shaped donuts made from a “special recipe”; vanilla glazed, cinnamon sugar and chocolate donuts; dulce de leche, manga and apricot donuts; and donuts filled with orange cream cheese, Nutella and crème brûlée.

Thierry Locatelli and Caroline Lameda were originally planning on selling their donuts wholesale, but ended up opening the BK location in July 2022 based on high demand for a neighborhood donut spot.

The couple live on the Upper East Side and are excited to have a location close by. Their main criteria for a new spot was having enough space to make the donuts onsite; customers will be able to see the donut-making-process in action, they tell us.

Locatelli has been working in the food services industry in New York City since 1997, and Lameda made a transition into the industry after owning a hair salon in the neighborhood, MV Salon, which she sold five years ago.

In addition to their Brooklyn and new UES location, Caroline’s sells its donuts to restaurants, stores, and catering companies. Customers can also place bulk orders from ezCater.


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