Greek Eats Suddenly Closes

greek eats closes

Greek Eats NYC / Facebook

Greek Eats closed abruptly late last month. The Mediterranean eatery, owned by Nikos Karaiskos and located at 1229 First Ave (between 66th and 67th streets), opened in 2015 and spent the last 8 years serving the neighborhood what they called “elevated, casual, Greek dining.” The restaurant was highly rated on Seamless and Uber Eats, though both listings have been deactivated.


Patch took a photo of window signage indicating the closure is only a temporary one for maintenance work, but a larger sign proclaims the space is for rent. Greek Eats’ website is still up, but not taking orders. The Greek Eats Instagram account was last active on November 26.

Fans have expressed disappointment in the comments, with someone responding to their last post, a photo of a tray of chicken skewers, with, “Cannot believe you closed for good abruptly. We truly loved your food…” Their most recent health grade from the city was an A.

The menu featured Greek and Mediterranean staples like hummus and a variety of spreads, falafel, gyro and souvlaki, as well as desserts. Customers frequently mentioned their summer special, Greek frozen yogurt, in glowing reviews. The business also offered catering services, prepared and packaged foods and merchandise via their website. The closing seemingly came with no warning, with some speculating the restaurant had financial troubles. Regardless of the reason, Greek Eats will be missed.


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