Holey Cream, Home of the Donut Ice Cream Sandwich, Now Open on Lexington Avenue

Did you know that you can find the Cookie Monster on the Upper East Side?

While Sesame Street does in fact exist in New York City, we’re not talking about the fog-eating, furry blue thing with a self-destructive relationship with food, but rather, one of the unique ice cream flavors you can find at Holey Cream, which recently opened at 1460 Lexington Avenue (between 94th and 95th streets).


In honor of the grand opening, the shop is currently offering a scoop of any ice cream, yogurt or sorbet for just $3.

holey cream

The Cookie Monster is a bright, blue-colored vanilla ice cream with pieces of Oreo cookies and cookie dough. It’s a fun and refreshing treat for a hot summer day, and if you do get the Cookie Monster, be prepared for your lips and tongue to turn blue!

cookie monster ice cream

Other ice cream flavors include pistachio, s’mores, birthday cake, Java Guatemala, and several vegan flavors like mint chip and cherry chunk. In addition to plain waffle cones, they also have cones covered in rainbow and chocolate sprinkles.

We are giving away a $100 gift card to Hoexter’s. Details here.

Holey Cream’s claim to fame is its donut ice cream sandwiches. Their selection of donuts is equally as colorful as their selection of ice cream. Unfortunately, the vanilla glazed donut with peanuts that we tried was not so out of the ordinary. Luckily, the ice cream made up for the donut’s lackluster feel.

vanilla glazed donut with peanuts

Vanilla glazed donut with peanuts

The Upper East Side Holey Cream – the neighborhood’s first and the city’s third, with additional outposts in Hell’s Kitchen and Greenwich Village – is a small space, so you might be met with a wait outside, especially during peak hours. That said, the line moved quickly, at least for us.

The donuts, ice cream and cookies on display during our recent visit were just a small sampling of what’s to come. According to the sign outside, their full menu will be available soon.


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