New Matto Espresso Opening in East 90s on Lex

matto espresso 95th and lexington avenue

Signage is up for another Matto Espresso on the Upper East Side, this one situated at 1464 Lexington Ave. between 94th and 95th streets.

This will mark the coffee chain’s seventh Upper East Side outpost, with yet another “opening soon” on 75th and First Avenue. There are about 25 Matto Espresso locations currently operating.

Despite the name (matto is Italian for “crazy”), Matto isn’t actually run by Italians. As reported in a May 2022 interview by Our Town, “the mezuzah on the gold doorframe [indicates] the shop’s Jewish roots and the presence of company co-CEO, Moshe Maman.” That said, the coffee comes directly from Northern Italy (about an hour North of Milan).

Matto’s claim to fame is its affordable pricing, with a price tag of $2.50 for everything (though it used to be $2 for everything) – which it’s able to justify due to the large volume of customers it attracts.

Along with hot and cold drinks of many colors and flavors, Matto offers baked goods like cinnamon scones, brownies, cookies and croissants. Matto also sells bags of its coffee beans.

We’ve reached out to Matto for an estimated opening date.


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