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A bagel brand that’s drawn massive attention on social media – not to mention investment from celebrities and ringing endorsements from famous chefs – will soon open a new location on the Upper East Side.


Popup Bagels plans to open its third Manhattan location in May at East 82nd St. and Third Ave. Founded by Adam Goldberg, the brand will have grown from selling bagels out of Goldberg’s Connecticut home to nine locations in Connecticut, New York City, and Palm Beach in only about four years. Popup Bagels is also planning to open an Upper West Side location at 338 Columbus Ave. (and W. 76th St.) in April.

With a background in flood mitigation systems, Goldberg’s pathway to success in the bagel business is an unusual one. He began making sourdough bread with his cousin during the pandemic and soon tried his hand at bagels, according to a 2022 New York Times writeup. Within two years, Goldberg’s bagels went from free gifts for friends and family to winning the People’s Choice award at Brooklyn Bagel Fest in October 2021.

Prior to opening Popup Bagel’s first NYC location on Thompson Street in Greenwich Village, Goldberg co-hosted a popup at Danny Meyer’s Daily Provisions.

“I am not one to say anything is the best version of it I’ve had in my life,” Meyer told The New York Times. “But [Popup] is definitely top three.”

Popup’s bagels are served piping hot and are slightly smaller than your traditional NY bagel. Here’s what All Recipes had to say in a review:

“The bagels are served extremely fresh—I’m talking burn your hand on the hot steam escaping-fresh. But eating them hot is so worth it. They’re perfectly crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside.”


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Popup’s key offering is a dozen bagels with two schmears. The bagels are served uncut and are meant to be dipped in schmears like Utz Cheese Ball Cream Cheese, Miso Butter, Scallion Cream Cheese, Butter Chimichurri, or Pink Peppercorn, to name a few. Schmear flavors vary week to week.

Coverage from The New York Times and endorsements like Meyer’s helped launch Popup Bagels into the stratosphere. In late 2023, the bagel shop closed an $8M funding round backed by Michael Strahan, Paul Rudd and J.J. Watt. The funding round will help fuel more than one-hundred new locations around the U.S., according to a CT Insider report.


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