Two UES Restaurant Owners Plan New Spots

Community Board 8 held its Street Life Committee meeting on Tuesday evening. Restaurant owners and their reps attended via Zoom in order to further their liquor license applications, and we learned that two established operators are planning on expanding their neighborhood footprints.

Parvez Eliaas, the owner of Bread N Wine and Bonjour Crepes & Wine, is planning to open a new restaurant at 1436 Lexington Avenue, between 93rd and 94th streets. This space has sat empty for quite some time; its last occupant was Feta Bar and Grill.

restaurant replacing Feta Bar Grill

(Google Maps)

While no DBA was mentioned during the meeting, an address search on Google indicates that it will be called Bonjour Mixeur.

A representative for the forthcoming restaurant says it will offer a cafe-style menu, and will likely close between 11:00 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. each night.

One board member, Cos Spagnoletti, voted against the restaurant’s application. “I’m gonna vote no on this application because with knowing the applicant and what’s been going on before with his prior applications, I’m going to vote no.” He did not elaborate any further.

The motion passed, with eleven board members in favor (everyone except for Cos).


The owner of Sea Salt, a Mediterranean restaurant at 1123 First Avenue, is planning to expand with another eatery just down the street. Currently unnamed, the “new construction restaurant” (according to its attorney) will be located at 1113 First Ave., between 61st and 62nd streets.

Like Sea Salt, the new spot will offer Mediterranean dishes in what it describes as a casual environment. The owner said its menu will also feature Asian fusion and American plates.

This motion passed unanimously, and the owner is hoping to open by May.

Lastly, San Matteo Pizza will be relocating from 1739 Second Avenue to 1716 Second Avenue, right down the block (between 90th and 91st streets). The new spot will have 46 table seats and 8 seats at the bar.


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