42-Year-Old Dad Pleads Guilty to Making Ghost Guns in UES Apartment

  Last modified on February 21st, 2024
ues dad arrested ghost guns

c/o Manhattan District Attorney’s Office

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has announced Cory Davis’ guilty plea for manufacturing and possessing ghost guns at his Upper East Side apartment, “including two loaded and operational firearms.” He’s being charged on three counts of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree.


Davis, who was indicted about a year ago, will be sentenced to 3.5 years in state prison followed by 2.5 years of post-release supervision. He is expected to be sentenced on February 21, 2024.

“Today Cory Davis accepted responsibility for manufacturing and possessing firearms,” said District Attorney Bragg. “These weapons are extremely dangerous and had the potential to harm our communities had they fallen into the wrong hands. The proliferation of ghost guns is a serious problem and our prosecutors are thoroughly investigating and bringing forth illegal firearms cases in the interest of public safety.”

According to court documents, Davis sent a photo of his 7-year-old son holding two guns in a group chat on November 7, 2022. One of the recipients was alarmed and contacted the NYPD. Cops then searched his apartment and found two guns and ammunition on the ground

During a court-authorized search the next day, officers found an additional twelve firearms, making the total number fourteen – in addition to four-hundred rounds of ammunition, magazines, and tools used for making the guns.


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