86th Street Subway Slasher Arrested

Surveillance footage of suspect Kemal Rideout, which the NYPD released prior to his arrest.

The man who slashed two women at the East 86th Street subway station on Sunday (before finding a third female victim in Brooklyn) has been arrested.

Kemal Rideout, 28, was apprehended at 9:45 a.m. on Tuesday in Upper Manhattan. He’s being charged with three counts of assault in the first degree.

Both women he targeted at the East 86th Street station were on the southbound 4 train platform, and in both instances, he used a sharp object to slash their right legs. These women were 19 and 48.

He then hopped on the train and took it to the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station where he would attack a third victim (a 28-year-old woman) in a similar manner.

Rideout has four prior arrests, none of which have been in NYC. His official address is in Norwich, NY – about four hours driving distance to the city – where he was arrested for assault in 2016 and forcible touching in 2017. In 2012, he was arrested for attempted rape in Varick, NY. His first arrest on record was for criminal mischief in Riverhead (Long Island) in 2011.


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