Man Confronts Person Ripping Down Hamas Hostage Posters; Person Responds by Assaulting Him with Umbrella

People are continuing to brazenly rip down posters of hostages who’ve been held captive by Hamas since the terrorist group’s October 7 attack on Israel. And those who support Israel are continuing to call them out and expose them.

But recently, there have been multiple cases in which those who’ve been called out for ripping down or defacing the posters have responded to those intervening with violence.


A recent video shared by @jews_of_ny on Instagram shows a man removing posters on York Avenue between 86th and 87th streets. An older man who clearly disapproved of this behavior approached him with some words. While it’s difficult to hear exactly what he said, the video shows the younger man abruptly start hitting him with an umbrella.

Shortly after publishing this article, one of the men present during the incident got in touch with us to provide a bit more info. He also sent us this photo:

Upper East Sider Lawrence A. said the incident took place on Friday, November 10 at 9:15 p.m. on the northwest corner of 86th and York Avenue.

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“The man with him in the picture was telling him to stop and asked him why he would do this to kidnapped 2 year old children and Holocaust surviving seniors in their 80s,” Lawrence A. told East Side Feed, adding that the man’s response was that “Jews are all sh*t and need to die.”

Lawrence tells us that after taking the man’s photo, the assailant lunged towards him, grabbed his phone and threw it across York Avenue before attacking the other man with his umbrella.

“I filed a Hate Crime Report with the NYPD, which will eventually make its way to the NYC Hate Crime Task Force,” Lawrence added. We’ve reached out to the NYPD for additional details.

Less than a day after the video was shared, the assailant’s identity was revealed as Makan Ceesay, a Baruch College student, according to @jews_of_ny.

On Thursday, a 41-year-old woman was assaulted after confronting two women removing posters on West 82nd Street. Police say the two women forcibly ripped off her Star of David necklace and caused her to sustain minor face and neck injuries.

Earlier this month, a 20-year-old Brooklyn woman pepper sprayed a man who’d confronted her for removing posters; she then went into a full-blown tirade about killing Jews.

Recent headlines from major publications like the New York Times and ABC7 note a visible increase in anti-Semitic hate crimes.


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