Man Indicted for UES Subway Shooting

Manhattan D.A. Bragg has announced the indictment of Steven Sylvester, 34, for shooting an innocent bystander on an uptown 4 train passing East 86th Street earlier this month.

At about 2:25 a.m. on Sunday, June 2, Sylvester got into a physical altercation with his girlfriend while onboard the crowded train. When a good samaritan saw what was happening, he intervened by grabbing Sylvester from behind. A struggle ensued.

When the train entered the station at 86th and Lexington Ave. and the doors opened, Sylvester grabbed a firearm and shot at the good samaritan. He missed and the bullet hit the train door and ricocheted off the window, striking a man who was getting onto the train. This man, 32, suffered a gunshot wound to the left hand and graze wounds to the torso.


Sylvester fled but was arrested on June 6. The next day, officers conducted a search of his apartment and found a magazine, bullets, and clothing and accessories he had worn at the time of the incident.

Sylvester is facing multiple assault charges, multiple charges of criminal possession of a weapon, and attempted murder in the second degree.

“As alleged, Steven Sylvester carried a loaded firearm onto a public, crowded train and intended to use it against a Good Samaritan, shooting an innocent bystander in the process,” said District Attorney Bragg. “This alleged conduct is very serious and put fellow subway riders at risk of being injured. We will continue holding people accountable who misuse our transit system as a hub for dangerous weapons and violence and I wish the victim a speedy recovery.”


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