Man Who Killed Cop in 1980 Busted for Shoplifting from Target

target east 86th street

A man who murdered a police officer 43 years ago was arrested last week for attempting to shoplift from the Target at 150 East 86th Street.

Bruce Lorick, 66, was convicted of killing NYPD Officer Joseph Keegan in 1980. Then 22, Lorick shot him in the head after evading a subway fare and was sentenced to 25 years to life. He was released in 2021.


On November 18, he was arrested for trying to steal $286 worth of product from the Target, the New York Post reports – targeting items including shrimp, chicken, Jimmy Dean frozen meals, candy, toothpaste and laundry detergent.

This was his third arrest since being released.

While in prison, Lorick used inmate dating sites, seeking a potential wife and describing himself as an “emotionally secure gentleman” looking for a Christian woman. He joined sites like meet-an-inmate.com ahead of his 2015 parole hearing, though he didn’t disclose his crime in his profile.

The slain officer’s family, including 13 NYPD cops, have expressed anger and frustration over Lorick’s actions and parole, especially his online dating activities without apologizing to the family.

“This dirtbag put out on the Internet that he’s getting out and wants to marry a Christian woman — and never once did he apologize to my family,” said the slain officer’s brother Frank Keegan, who also served as an NYPD officer.


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