Menin Cracks Down on Illegal UES Smoke Shops

  Last modified on February 8th, 2024
sweetooth 1662 First Avenue

Sweetooth Bakery opened earlier this year at 1662 First Avenue at 87th Street

After receiving numerous complaints about illegal smoke shops, Council Member Julie Menin has announced a crackdown on those violating New York State Public Health Law and New York City Administrative Code.

In the past couple of months, Council Member Menin has facilitated Mayor Adams’ Joint Compliance Task Force to investigate and issue violations to smoke shops and stores illegally selling cannabis-infused goods, including Yorkville Convenience (1443 York Avenue at 77th Street) and Sweetooth (1662 First Avenue at 87th Street), a new bakery selling cannabis-infused treats.


The investigation into Yorkville Convenience, a smoke shop located across the street from Yorkville East Middle School and the Bayard Taylor School, resulted in over 50 counts of violations, including violations for selling unlicensed products, failure to post conspicuous signs, selling of flavored tobacco and vapor products, and selling or offering cigars for less than the cigar price floor. The violations also included publicly displaying smoking paraphernalia or advertisements for tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, or vapor products within 500 feet of a school.

Sweetooth bakery (located close to St. Joseph’s Academy) was also in violation of several of City codes. DCWP, as part of the city’s Interagency Task Force, issued eight counts of violations for the unlicensed Electronic Cigarette Retail Dealer (ECRD). The violations included selling unlicensed products, failure to post conspicuous signs, and sale of vapor-flavored products.

DCWP will schedule a re-inspection of these businesses as soon as these violations are adjudicated. Council Member Menin plans to continue working with the Task Force to ensure the safety of all residents.


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