Michael Rapaport Films Alleged Rite Aid Robbery

  Last modified on September 4th, 2022

On Tuesday, actor Michael Rapaport took to social media to share his most recent Upper East Side encounter.

While standing near the front door of the Rite Aid on 80th and Second Avenue, Rapaport films a man making a beeline for the exit – after he had apparently filled up his tote bags with merchandise without paying for it.

“This f*cking guy just filled his two bags up with everything,” noted Rapaport, adding “my man just went Christmas shopping in January.”

The alleged shoplifter can be seen walking past the disinterested drug store security guard before exiting and walking down the street without showing too much concern.

“He had the condoms, the shampoo …” Rapaport continued, while also noting that “I was just informed this Rite Aid is closing 2/15 because of this, leaving the workers JOBLESS,” while tagging the new mayor as a call for help.

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Rapaport’s Instagram post has gotten over 217,000 views and 1,350 comments as of writing – including one from “Saved by the Bell” star Mario Lopez, who wrote “Dude looked up at Security and said… ‘Sup?’”


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Rapaport told Daily Mail that he “initially thought the thief was an employee because ‘he was just so deliberate and casual.’”

The actor also says he covered the incident in his most recent @iamrapaport podcast.
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