Six Suspects Wanted for Robbing 7-Eleven (Poorly)

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A group of six stormed into an Upper East Side 7-Eleven earlier this month and left with $14 worth of product.

It happened on Sunday, March 10 at about 6:58 p.m. at the store located at 1239 Second Avenue (at East 65th Street).


According to an NYPD report, one of the young individuals grabbed candy, chips and a pair of gloves without paying, at which point a 20-year-old male employee “attempted to stop them by grabbing the handle of their bicycles as [they] attempted the leave the scene.” The report states that “they” responded by pushing him.

While the employee was falling to the ground, his hand got “stuck on the bike, causing minor injuries to his hand.”

Police say that one of the individuals then displayed a knife and threatened the employee.

It isn’t completely clear whether this minor heist was the work of one criminal mastermind who brought his buddies along for the ride, or if the intended plan was to have the new recruit go in for the loot while his five elders created a diversion. But, either way, police are now looking for six people to arrest.

While the image below only shows three suspects, an NYPD official confirmed with East Side Feed that there are six wanted in connection to this incident, according to their paperwork. “They may not have had clear images of the other individuals,” they added.

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On Wednesday afternoon, officers conducted a routine traffic stop after observing a Toyota Camry with a broken tail light near East 85th Street and Third Avenue. After the driver provided identification, they discovered he had an active warrant – according to the 19th Precinct, it was for domestic abuse – and he was arrested. Cops also searched his car and found two knives, a pepper spray can, a machete and two “metal knuckles,” landing him charges of Criminal Possession of a Weapon.

NYPD / 19th Precinct

Police also say that the suspect, 53-year-old Cruz Perez, was subsequently “charged with Aggravated Harassment for threatening his sibling over the phone (date of incident June 28, 2023).”


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