Subway Shoving Victim is Paralyzed; Friends, Family Launch GoFundMe

  Last modified on May 25th, 2023
Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy gofundme

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy

The 35-year-old woman who was pushed head first into a moving train on Sunday has been identified as Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy, and a GoFundMe campaign has been launched to cover her medical expenses.

The senseless attack took place at the East 63rd Street station on Sunday, May 21 at about 6:05 a.m. Ozsoy was on the southbound platform when a complete stranger – 39-year-old Kamal Semrade, who has since been arrested on attempted murder and assault charges – pushed her head directly into a departing E train.

NYPD officials shared surveillance photos of the suspect in advance of his arrest.

A witness, Nancy Marrero, told the NY Post she’d seen Ozsoy walking on the platform while fixing her hair when the stranger grabbed her head and shoved it into the moving train. “With open palms he just mushed her head — not her body — into the train. She just tumbled, just kept spinning because the train kept hitting her,” she told the publication.


EMS arrived and transported Ozsoy to Weill Cornell Medical Center where she was treated for lacerations to the head and spinal injuries.

She’s now reportedly paralyzed from the neck down.

According to ABC7, Ozsoy and Semrade got on the same train at the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue subway station, though it isn’t clear what (if any) interaction took place before the attack.

“This is a tragic incident and it shouldn’t have happened to anyone. It has taken away an individual’s journey through life,” said Ferdi Ozsoy, Emine’s husband, in a statement. “Emine (pronounced Amy-na), 35, is an artist who was born in Antalya, Turkey, and lived and worked in Istanbul before coming to the United States and New York City in 2017.”

“Emine does not have any other family here besides me,” Ferdi continued. “We are trying to get emergency visas for family members to come and help. Her life after this is going to need constant care. We need all the help we can get.”

In his statement, Ferdi also thanked the good samaritans for waiting with Emine until EMS arrived; the NYPD for swiftly arresting Semrade; and the doctors, for “perform[ing] a really difficult surgery.”

As of writing, the GoFundMe campaign has raised a bit over $144,000 out of a $2 million goal.

“Doctors initially informed us she had a slim chance of recovering movement below the neck. In just one day, she challenged that prognosis by moving her arms,” reads the campaign page. “Her medical expenses have already reached six digits, and any donation will be gratefully accepted with an open heart.”

To contribute, please visit this page.


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