Upper East Side Serial Attacker Goes on Rampage Following Recent Release

  Last modified on June 21st, 2024

A notice posted on Reddit.

Frightened Upper East Siders have been taking to Reddit and neighborhood Facebook groups to discuss their harrowing encounters with James Hasho, a 29-year-old serial attacker with a long history of violence on the Upper East Side.


The Reddit post has amassed over 160 comments since it was shared a few days ago, mostly from those who’ve been harassed or assaulted by Hasho. Those who’ve shared express a fear for their safety and frustration over the lack of long-term solutions to his reign of terror.

Hasho was detained at about 4:45 p.m. on Wednesday. An NYPD spokesperson told East Side Feed that Hasho, who “was released from corrections on May 1,” was taken “to Metropolitan Hospital for evaluation.” A witness also reported seeing him being taken into custody in front of Healthy Organic Deli at 1797 First Avenue (between 93rd and 94th streets).

Hasho has a history of problematic behavior and is no stranger to the authorities. East Side Feed reported several spitting attacks in the neighborhood in 2021, leading to multiple arrests and a swift release.

upper east side spitter

James Hasho in 2021

James Hasho in 2021

The owner of a small dog named Biscotti, who was severely kicked by a stranger on East 92nd Street in spring 2023 and had to be hospitalized, says that the stranger was in fact Hasho. WABC reported the man’s arrest, and Melanie Greenblatt, Biscotti’s owner, stated that Hasho served eight months in jail as a result. We’ve reached out to NYPD officials to confirm this.

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In any event, since Hasho’s May 1 release, a myriad of Upper East Siders have had run-ins with him, leading to multiple police reports.

“James Hasho chased me at 8:45 pm on June 11th,” Natalie Rosenbaum told East Side Feed. “I was walking my dog alone and he got right up next to me and started following me. I tried to go the other way and felt him get closer to me. I turned around and said, ‘Can you stop following me?’ He smiled and said no. I started running and he ran after me until I went inside Stella & Fly wine bar and called the police.”

Stella & Fly captured surveillance footage of a shirtless Hasho hurriedly walking down the street.

Rosenbaum says that this was his second time he chased her but the first time she filed a report.


“The next day, June 12th, he hit my female roommate Eleanor on the street. He has also chased her before,” explains Rosenbaum.

Eleanor snapped a pic of him as he was walking away.

They both filed reports, Rosenbaum for harassment and her roommate for assault.

“Later that night we saw him twice more and called 911 again. We drove around with the police for a bit looking for him to no luck,” her story continues. “He later hit my friend Carly and she filed a report as well.”

An Upper East Sider named Carly also reached out to East Side Feed, telling us that “On Monday, June 17th at around 11:45pm on the northeast corner of [88th and First Avenue], James Hasho forcefully hit me in the head/neck without saying a word. I called the police that night to file a report.”

Others, many of whom wish to remain anonymous, have been chronicling similar attacks.

“This guy tried to randomly punch my husband a couple weeks ago,” another Upper East Sider reported. “We were walking to the 4/5/6 at 86th Street and Lexington around 7:45am outside Sephora and he walked straight up to us and took a swing at him. We barely even saw him coming. He then walked away muttering but quickly turned around and chased us until we got into subway station.”

“This man aggressively followed myself and my group of friends down 89th St between Second and Third Avenue on Saturday night around 8pm,” another neighborhood resident recounted. “He picked up a rock off the ground and started acting as if he was going to throw it at us or try to hit us with it. Someone saw what was happening and let us into their apartment building and thankfully he walked away. It was completely unprovoked and he didn’t say a word to us the entire time.”


A third victim details her own encounter, stating, “I had a run in with James Hasho on Friday June 14th at around 3:45pm. He followed me into the post office on 85th Street, stood behind me in line and then forcefully pushed me. I would normally stand my ground if someone pushed me but my husband had sent me an article about this man harassing women on the UES the night before so I recognized James as being the one that had been arrested with a weapon.”

Because the long-time Upper East Sider was unsure if the man who pushed her had a weapon, she thought it was best to keep a safe distance. “James then proceeded to wait in line until it was his turn and when it was, he got off line and started chasing me around the post office. He chased me for approximately five minutes until one of the workers from the back came out and got him to leave.”

The frightened victim snapped a picture of Hasho. Once he left 911 was called, but Hasho returned and proceeded to chase the victim again. Hasho was escorted out by a postal employee and the victim had a police report filed. “I’ve lived in the city for 15 years and have never had anything like this happen so I was quite shaken up when it did.”

Several residents have expressed great concern that Hasho will be released quickly with no consequences and say they are living in fear of him returning.

East Side Feed reached out to Assembly Member Rebecca Seawright and New York City Council Member Julie Menin for comment. Seawright responded with the following statement:

Response from Seawright’s office:

“We are in close contact with the 19th Police Precinct, District Attorney’s Office, and the NYC Department of Health concerning the alleged perpetrator. They have been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment and evaluation. It is totally unacceptable and reprehensible to know that they continue terrorizing our streets, and reportedly chasing, slapping, kicking, pushing, yelling, and cursing at people. As the perpetrator is a repeat offender, and currently on probation, we are urging health and law enforcement officials to do everything in their power to hold this individual accountable for his actions. If you or anyone you know experiences or encounters this individual again, immediately call 911 to make an official police report.”

Response from Menin’s office:

“Thank you for contacting our office regarding James Hasho. Our office shares your concerns regarding this individual and has been in contact multiple times with the NYPD’s 19th precinct.

“After investigating the numerous recent reports regarding James Hasho, the 19th Precinct located Mr. Hasho and brought him to the Metropolitan Hospital Center where he was admitted this week. Our office has reiterated concerns brought by the NYPD to NYC Health and Hospitals so that proper care can be received.

“Our office will continue to closely monitor this situation while working with our partners in government to protect the community.”


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