Upper East Side Shooting Suspect Killed in Police Confrontation

shooting outside iggy's

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A man wanted for an October shooting on the Upper East Side has been fatally gunned down by police. According to the NYPD, the man was identified as 43-year-old Kent Edwards, who was being sought for a shooting outside of Iggy’s Karaoke Bar (76th and Second Avenue) which we reported at the time had been accidentally recorded by a local podcaster.


Members of the Manhattan Violent Felony Squad arrived at an apartment on Eldridge St on the Lower East Side just before noon on Thursday with a warrant for the man’s arrest. Two women in the apartment told officers that the suspect was in the bathroom with a gun. Police say Emergency Services were called and negotiated with Edwards for his surrender, even employing the use of a scout camera and a drone, both of which the suspect disabled. Finally, officers used a camera on wheels, called an avatar, to assess the situation as they followed closely behind with shields. The suspect then came out of the bathroom and fired four shots, three hitting the shields while the other hit an officer in the vest. Officers returned fire and shot the suspect twice. He was taken to an area hospital where he was later pronounced dead. None of the officers involved were seriously hurt.

At a Thursday press conference, a police representative gave additional details on the shooting, which occurred on October 18. They say that Mr. Edwards and an unidentified female got into an argument with another couple over the use of a photo booth at the bar. Mr. Edwards then shot the male victim in the leg and pistol whipped him before fleeing the scene, leaving behind nine 40-caliber shell casings. In the ensuing investigation, detectives identified Mr. Edwards as the perpetrator and obtained the warrant for his arrest. Edwards had eleven previous arrests and had served time in prison for attempted rape.


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