Vigil Held For Men Killed By Box Truck

A Sunday night vigil was held for the two men who were killed by a box truck at 61st and Third Ave on Friday morning.

The victims, 46-year-old male Delfino Eduardo Maceda and 37-year-old male Taurino Rosendo Morales, were remembered at the scene of the incident. Nearly one-hundred people showed up to mourn them.

Group Gathered @CitizenApp

1028 3rd Ave Yesterday 6:32:34 PM EST

The operator of the truck was a 66-year-old male. He mounted the sidewalk, struck a fire hydrant, struck Morales (a bicycle delivery person) on the roadway, and then struck Maceda (a pedestrian) who was standing on the sidewalk. No charges have been brought against the driver; an investigation is ongoing by the NYPD’s Highway Collision Investigation Squad.

Taurino had been hit within a bike lane with no physical barrier. Following the incident, incoming Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez “promised to replace half of all plastic protected bike lanes ‘with sturdier and more permanent structures within the first 100 days’ of his boss Eric Adams taking office,” the New York Post reports.

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