Woman Who Drove Into Cop Arrested & Identified


The woman who drove her car into a cop this week has been identified as 24-year-old Sahara Dula. The Brooklyn woman has been arrested on charges of vehicular assault, assault, reckless endangerment and impaired driving.


Police officers were in the vicinity of 72nd and Park Avenue on Wednesday in an attempt to catch three suspects who had robbed the nearby Mackage store of $10,000 worth of product.

While there, Dula was spotted driving the wrong way, at which point an officer walked in front of her car in an attempt to pull her over. That’s when Dula hit the gas and ran him over, breaking his arm and leg. Dashcam video of the incident has been obtained by the NY Post, which adds that Dula was also arrested in March 2022 for criminal mischief.

Per a follow up report by Patch, NYPD officials say Dula explained that she hit the cop because he wouldn’t get out of her way, adding that the incident should serve as a “lesson to him, and hopefully he doesn’t want to be a cop anymore.” She also said “Fuck these cops!” and told them she had been smoking marijuana.

Patch also notes that Dula had a New Hampshire license plate; here’s a LinkedIN profile of a Sahara Dula who lives in Brooklyn, went to New England College (in New Hampshire) and graduated in 2022 (which would make sense if she’s now 24).

The “Criminal Justice & Communications Major” hopes to “immerse [herself] in the world of Public Relations joining a company that specializes in crisis communication through traditional techniques and social media.”

She adds, “As a child I wanted to learn anything related to Criminal Justice, I was intrigued by the Criminal Justice system and their responses to tragic events.”


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