$3 Million Allocated to Julia Richman Education Complex

Julia Richman Education Complex

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Council Member Julie Menin and Council Speaker Adrienne E. Adams have announced that $3 million in Council funding has been allocated to renovate the pool locker room and create a new physical education space at the Julia Richman Education Complex, located at 317 East 67th Street.

The complex houses six public schools which collectively enroll over 2,000 students. Menin and Adams toured the complex on Feb. 8 and discussed the scope of the work with the principals and the School Construction Authority (SCA).

Discussions from the tour included the demolition of the existing locker room, showers and bathrooms, and creating a new locker room area that would also create a new, more flexible fitness space (i.e. a dance studio, yoga room, etc.).

Council Member Julie Menin previously announced that in her first term in office, she was able to secure a historic investment of over $21 million in discretionary funding improvements and programming for District 5, prioritizing upgrading schools, community centers, playgrounds, libraries, parks, and transportation corridors. Each public school in the district received at least $50,000 towards critical technology, auditorium or infrastructure upgrades.


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