Election Lawyer Says She Was Assaulted Near UES Polling Site

election site assault

The victim says she was assaulted on First Avenue near a polling site (Google Maps)

Sarah Steiner – an NYC election and criminal lawyer self-described as “One of New York’s Leading Election Law Practitioners” – says she was assaulted near an Upper East Side election site on Saturday.


In a now-deleted tweet she shared at 12:50 p.m., she wrote, “I removed Zeldin sign from private property, too close to the poll, with permission of the property owner. This man passing out @Zeldin lit tackled me & threw me into a tree pit. At 76th & 1st. If you are early voting today there, be careful. He’s also screaming ‘c**t’ at women.”

The tweet includes an image of her alleged attacker standing on First Avenue between East 76th and 77th streets, near Eleanor Roosevelt HS at 411 East 76th Street, a New York City polling site.

While most responses to her tweet were supportive, one user – who self-describes as a former liberal democrat and now a conservative libertarian – claims Steiner “…deleted the part where she said cops didn’t care and were ‘disinterested'” – additionally saying they “…just asked the cop that’s stationed inside of there and he said absolutely no one reported this to him!”

East Side Feed has not seen an earlier version of Steiner’s tweet, nor do we know if there actually was one. 

We contacted the NYPD at approximately 5:30 p.m. to inquire about any reports they received resembling the incident described above. They didn’t have any similar reports at that time, but the officer we spoke with said it may just not have made it into the system yet.

East Side Feed also contacted Steiner but she declined to comment.
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