Mayor Adams Open to Housing Migrants at Gracie Mansion

  Last modified on June 28th, 2023

During a Tuesday press conference on the Upper West Side, Mayor Adams said he’d be open to housing asylum seekers at Gracie Mansion in order to get private homeowners to do the same.

As long as it “doesn’t go against legal protocols” which would prevent him from doing so, the mayor clarified.

The question came a day after Adams’ press conference about a new faith-based shelter initiative, during which he also floated the idea of compensating New Yorkers for housing migrants in their private residences.


“I don’t have a problem if I could put a migrant family in Gracie Mansion, because I want to lead from the front; that’s the type of leader I am,” Adams said. “I’m a big believer in leading from the front, and if it doesn’t go against legal protocols – because there are protocols that are in place, you know I can’t use the building any way I want – but I don’t have a problem if I can put a migrant family in Gracie Mansion, because I want to lead from the front.”

The mayor continued to cite more examples of his leadership style. “I’m in the subway system talking to people who are homeless because I lead from the front.”

When it comes to incentivizing private citizens to house migrants in their homes, few specifics have been shared, but the mayor did conclude his presser with an example. “If someone is struggling in their mortgage and they have a spare bedroom, and we can find a way to say, ‘how can we help you pay your mortgage?’ because of whatever economic challenge you’re going through, by at the same time helping the migrant crisis, we’re willing to do that.”


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