Menin Announces Return of Rat Mitigation Program

Council Member Julie Menin has announced the return of her rat mitigation program, which she launched last year to assist building owners keep rats off their properties.

Menin is using $20,000 in funding from the Cleanup NYC initiative, which provides money for sanitation-related services.


“Since the rodent mitigation program’s launch in Council Member Menin’s District, the 86th Street commercial corridor, one of the busiest and most heavily affected areas, has seen a remarkable reduction in rat burrows,” states Menin’s office. “What was once home to over 100 rat burrows has now been nearly eradicated in just a few months, thanks to this initiative. Both business owners and residents have expressed their appreciation for the program, with private property owners now adopting it as well.”

Last year (and in years prior), Council Member Menin’s office received a flood of complaints from constituents regarding rat sightings across the neighborhood. Menin ended up partnering with an exterminator, Matthew Deodato of Urban Pest Management, who suggested they use the “Burrow Rx machine to combat rodents,” which reportedly killed almost all of the rats in the tree pits it was used on.

If you know of any sidewalk tree pits which are infested with rats, please contact Menin’s office at District5@council.nyc.gov or 212-860-1950.


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