Introducing iPianoLab’s Camp: The Leading UES Piano Program

ipianolab camp ues

Planning for your family’s summer? We’ve been there, and it’s anything but easy. With an endless variety of activities in the New York City area, you may be overwhelmed.

Here’s a crucial reminder: Music is one of the most exciting gifts you can give your children. Not only does it help them develop motor skills, self-confidence and general literacy, it’s been shown to improve their ability to focus — leading to a myriad of educational benefits. Plus, the sweet sounds are enjoyable for the whole crew! No surprise here: Piano is at the top of the heap when it comes to impactful instruments, but you may not be sure how to get your youngster in on the action. Enter iPianoLab!

The after-school music enrichment program has made quite a splash on the Upper East Side, quickly becoming one of the more popular piano-keyboard class options over the past five years. The organization offers programming at some of the neighborhood’s most recognizable schools, including Hunter College Elementary, Convent of the Sacred Heart, Lower Lab and more.

It’s geared toward beginners, and most importantly, iPianoLab is designed to take the stuffiness out of traditional piano lessons. While each child will leave their instruction with in-depth knowledge regarding note reading, timing, rhythm and chords, they will engage more with their learning experience through contemporary music. Yes, they will be playing tunes from their favorite artists — think Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars and even tracks from Super Mario Bros.

Now, let’s get to the summer fun details. The in-person camp — located at 95th Street between Second and Third avenues — is for grades K through 6, and meets two hours per day for one week. Your little one can participate in as many camp sessions as desired (just in case you’ve got a blooming Beethoven on your hands!). Each camp ends with an exciting recital, and is modestly priced at $169 per week (including all books and learning materials). There’s also a summer promotion which includes one week of camp and a 61-key Yamaha or Casio keyboard for just $258. Investing in your child’s musical future has never been more affordable!

Sign up for iPianoLab’s summer camp here, and take a glance at their roster of services here.