Kids Are Obsessed with this After-School Math Program; It’s Now on the UES

  Last modified on October 12th, 2023

Rocket Club Math

Rocket Club Math, a boutique after-school math tutoring program, has opened at 1334 Third Avenue (between 76th and 77th streets).

The program’s first location launched on the Upper West Side last year and filled up within its first month. Due to growing demand, the program has expanded across the park under the leadership of Director Syed Ashraf (to book a call with Syed click here.)

Prospective new members get free one-on-one assessments and then Rocket Club creates custom curriculums tailored to their goals and interests. Members earn “Rocket Fuel” which can be cashed in for prizes and certifications that accumulate on their personal resume.

Parents are flabbergasted at their kids’ excitement over math:

“My daughter talks about Rocket Club Math all week long. She looks forward to class every week.”

“My son is a big proponent of Rocket Club Math. He talks about it to his friends nonstop and told me if I were to take him out of all his programs, the only one he would keep is Rocket Club.”
“The math tutoring program I wished existed when I was a kid.”
“Rocket Club is the math tutoring program kids actually look forward to attending.”
“My son is SO excited for Rocket Club Math today. He told me he wished it was every day.”

rocket club math ues

Membership is open for 4 to 12 year olds, with a limited number of memberships available per age group. Classes are once per week for 2 hours and memberships are $650 per month (with a discounted rate of $585 for siblings). These memberships are on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time.

Part of what makes Rocket Club so unique is their monthly Certification Assessments, which are tracked on each member’s own resume. 

The gamification of the monthly Certification process keeps members focused, and has helped some members level up 1 to 2 grade levels past their peers.

If members pass their monthly Certification, they earn a new badge for their resume. 230 members have passed 24 total Certifications and have made it to the Hall of Fame. At a recent Hall of Fame ceremony, Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak recorded a message for Rocket Club Certified Members where he said, “”Rocket Club Academy would have been the place for me when I was young. You’re learning about categories that aren’t taught in school and are ahead of everyone else your age.”

To book a call with UES Director Chloe Rice click here.