Rocket Club: Award-Winning After-School Math Program Opens on UES

Rocket Club Math just opened its third Manhattan location at 1334 Third Avenue on the Upper East Side. Rocket Club Math isn’t just your average math after school program—it’s a fun tutoring club for children ages 4 to 12 that thrives on making math an exhilarating adventure. 

“Everyone else says they make math fun, but Rocket Club actually makes math fun!” shares Sammy, a delighted 7-year-old member. The program’s testimonial page brims with praise from parents, young members, and even renowned founders of iconic companies. What sets this boutique program apart from the rest and makes it a resounding success in the Big Apple?

A parent’s heartfelt reflection echoes these sentiments: “I signed up because my daughter was excited about learning math, which already surprised me. I had no idea she was going to start her own business. I’m amazed. This is the future of education.”

Membership Details:

  • $650 per month ($585 sibling rate).
  • Month-to-month commitment.
  • Includes weekly, two hour class (with children matched based on grade and skill level).
  • Tour and application are required prior to registration.
  • Set up a call with Director Syed Ashraf: https://rocketclub.com/ues  (Due to limited spots available per age group, Rocket Club is prioritizing people who are referred by current members and parents that submit the code ROCKET). 

To develop the program and create the best possible learning experience, instructors craft individualized lesson plans based on each child’s one-on-one assessment; implement grade-specific modules using different teaching methods (Common Core, Singapore Math, and Russian Math); and infuse an element of interactive and “gamified” math play to their classrooms, with tools like Blookets, Kahoots and Gimkits. Instructors also tailor lessons to help members prepare for entrance exams such as the ISEE & SSAT. Members earn certifications for their resumes and accumulate ‘Rocket Fuel,’ redeemable for exciting prizes, fostering a sense of achievement and fun.

For founder Alex Hodara, Rocket Club Math’s inception was a nostalgic revisit to his own childhood. Influenced by his father’s ingenious teaching methods—introducing math through a shared love for fantasy baseball—the foundations of Rocket Club Math were formed.

“My dad was brilliant in that he was teaching me math with things that I loved,” recalls Alex. “Fantasy baseball taught me spreadsheets, ERAs, batting averages—the foundations for higher math concepts and even budgeting.”

Despite venturing into real estate and other entrepreneurial pursuits, Alex couldn’t shake the idea of Rocket Club —a program intertwining math, entrepreneurship and fun while providing tutoring and enrichment with real world math applications. “I really wanted to build the club I wish I had as a kid.”

Rocket Club Math isn’t just about learning formulas and equations—it’s an exciting sanctuary where math blossoms into an exciting journey, transforming young learners into confident, creative thinkers.

There are currently three Rocket Club Math locations (Tribeca, Upper East Side and Upper West Side).

To learn more, schedule a call here.