“Beyond the Bricks” Exhibition Highlights Stories of Small Business on the Upper East Side

It’s the stories and traditions of a neighborhood which make it come alive and flourish and become more than just a place to work, eat and sleep. A new UES art project across various venues and spaces called “Beyond the Bricks” aims to do just that. It’s a collaboration put on by Friends of the Upper East Side, Manhattan Sideways, and Art on the Ave NYC, a non-profit “launched in 2020 that uses both abandoned and existing storefronts to create public art.”

A press release says the program “seeks to spark a conversation about what makes a community” by featuring “stories and original photography of UES small businesses and their owners, archival information and images about the historic buildings these businesses occupy, and the work of local artists.”


The launch event took place on November 16 at Ryan’s Daughter, which functioned as a gallery with stories of small business owners alongside original photography and work from local artists. Beginning Thursday, November 17, this gallery will be on display (by appointment only) at Friends of the Upper East Side’s office at 966 Lexington Avenue (between 70th and 71st streets). Much of the work can also be found online here.

The gallery at 966 Lexington Ave will feature stories about the following businesses:

  • William Poll
  • Butterfield Market
  • Eneslow Shoes
  • B Café
  • Leonard’s Market and Butcher Shop
  • Monogram Cottage
  • Tiny Doll House
  • Orwasher’s
  • Sweet Shop
  • Charles Locksmith
  • Lexington Candy Shop
  • Papaya King
  • Lady Fleur
  • Sutton Clocks
  • Brandy’s Piano Bar
  • Living With Green
  • Dashnor Tailoring
  • Rita’s Needlepoint
  • Art for Eternity
  • King’s Carriage House
  • Little Wolf Cabinet Shop
  • Dulce Vida
  • Ryan’s Daughter
  • Heidelberg
  • Maz Mezcal
  • Pinpoint Bridal
  • Trinity Pub
  • Miss Madeleine

The main exhibition will run through January 17 at sixteen businesses and four empty storefronts in what is being described as a “self-guided gallery walk” running from East 72nd Street to East 86th Street between Lexington and First avenues. The following locations will showcase the work of these local artists (it’s unclear where the four empty storefronts will be):

  • Lady Fleur – 232 East 80th Street
  • Dashnor Tailoring – 320 East 81st Street
  • Rita’s Needlepoint – 303 East 81st Street
  • Living With Green – 324 East 81st Street
  • Andrea Carrano – 1326 3rd Avenue
  • Tiny Doll House – 314 East 78th Street
  • Dempsey & Carroll – 1049 Lexington Avenue
  • Ryan’s Daughter – 250 East 85th Street
  • Little Wolf Cabinet Shop – 1583 First Avenue
  • King’s Carriage House – 251 East 82nd Street
  • Dulce Vida Latin Bistro – 309 East 83rd Street
  • Maz Mezcal – 316 East 86th Street
  • Pinpoint Bridal – 229 East 84th Street
  • Orwashers – 308 East 78th St
  • Artisan Barber – 331 East 81st Street
  • Luxe Curations – 230 East 83rd Street

To learn more, please visit friends-ues.org/programs/beyond-the-bricks.

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