Julia Fox Grew Up in Yorkville; She Wants You to Know That

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Dulce Osuna at YouTube.com/dulceosuna and HolaHollywood.com via Wikimedia Commons

Recently after telling her TikTok followers that she doesn’t need men to like her, actress Julia Fox – perhaps known best for her debut performance in Uncut Gems and for dating Kanye West – has returned to TikTok to talk about her upbringing in Yorkville.

“Okay first of all, I didn’t grow up in the Upper East Side, I grew up in Yorkville,” said the actress. “Yorkville, actually, used to be a very working class, like mom and pop type of neighborhood … like a really good neighborhood to raise your kids in. Kind of. Obviously there was projects and other things and drugs and a lot of drugs … but there was a clear disconnect between the Upper East Side kids and the Yorkville kids, and the Upper East Side kids did not f*ck with us; like, they thought we were poor, you know what I mean? And like, we robbed them in turn. So …”

Fox was born in 1990, and actually spent her first few years “with her grandfather near Milan because of her parents’ strained relationship,” according to The Hollywood Reporter. She then moved to the city when she was six to live with her dad. The Face reports that “She sold drugs to rich kids and worked as a professional dominatrix as a teenager.”

Fox has also openly discussed battling a heroin addiction and being homeless at one point.

Anyway, here’s the video …

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