LOOK INSIDE: Gazette Restaurant and Wine Bar Opens on York Avenue

From the painted green door with the paned window to the wooden barstools, cookbooks, typewriters and landscape paintings, Gazette Restaurant and Wine Bar exudes the vibes of a small rustic house in the Mediterranean countryside. And that’s exactly how co-owner Madalina Iavarone wants patrons to feel — like they’re in a “dining room away from home.”


Located at 1582 York Avenue between 83rd and 84th streets, Gazette opened its doors to the public last Wednesday. The restaurant’s simple yet upscale menu features a blend of French, Italian and Spanish flavors. It was born out of Iavarone’s, and her brother and co-owner Bobby Dinu’s, love of travel, food and wine. “When we travel as a family, we plan around where we’re going to eat and drink, not where we’re going to sightsee,” said Iavarone.

For Iavarone, Gazette is a passion project. For Dinu, it is the culmination of his life’s work in the culinary industry. A French-trained chef who studied at the French Culinary Institute of New York City (now the International Culinary Center), Dinu has interned at Daniel, worked at JPMorgan Chase’s Executive Dining Services, and served as a private chef for other high-end catering services. “It was time for him to open his own restaurant,” Iavarone said. “It’s always been his dream — to cook his own food and not other people’s.”

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Gazette’s menu (view here) is seasonal with a limited selection of four appetizers, four entrées and two desserts. The drink list, a bit more extensive, comes with wines by the glass and bottle, cocktails, beer, soft drinks, and coffee and tea. Food items range from $14 for a Gianduja chocolate cake or spring soup to $38 for strip loin. The wine selection ranges from $15 per glass and $60 per bottle for Montepulciano or Muscadet to $20 per glass and $80 per bottle for Bordeaux. Happy hour is from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.


When asked about her favorite items, Iavarone expressed enthusiasm for the scallops (an appetizer) and steak. “I’m not really a steak person, but I love it. It’s not a single piece of steak, but it’s cubed and cooked to perfection with sauce on the bottom. It’s delicious.”

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East Side Feed had the opportunity to try a happy hour Sardinia Rosé, which was refreshing and sweet, and the rigatoni with pesto, parmagiano and lemon zest, cooked al dente.

Gazette NYC

The brother and sister team chose the Upper East Side because they “wanted a neighborhood spot, not a tourist location. We wanted a spot where locals come in.” Dinu also lives in the neighborhood.

When we heard staff members asking patrons if they lived in the neighborhood, all of them – at least the ones we heard – said yes.

Gazette is open Wednesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. and Sunday from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m.


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