Serial Stabber Gets 25-To-Life Prison Sentence

surveillance photos trevon murphy

Surveillance photos of Trevon Murphy, released to the public and media before he was arrested. 

The man who stabbed three homeless people in 2022, with one of the incidents being fatal, has been sentenced to state prison for a term of 25 years-to-life followed by 5 years of post-release supervision, Manhattan D.A. Bragg has announced.


Trevon Murphy’s stabbing spree took place within a span of less than a week – between July 5 and July 11 – targeting his third and final victim inside of Stanley Isaacs Playground between 95th and 96th streets on the FDR Drive. The man, a 28-year-old, had been lying down when Murphy approached and stabbed him in the abdomen.

Police later revealed that all three of his victims had been sleeping outside when Murphy decided to attack them. He also “told officers that he chose the same target location on each victim, the lower abdomen, which he called the ‘stabber’s choice.’”

Murphy, then 40, was arrested two days after the early-morning stabbing on the Upper East Side. He was spotted by a good samaritan who noticed he was wearing the same shirt and shoes he had on when caught by surveillance cameras.

The other two incidents took place on July 5 and July 9, respectively in Hudson River Park and at 49th and Madison Avenue. The July 5 victim succumbed to his injuries.

“Today, Trevon Murphy is facing accountability for brutally murdering one unhoused individual and critically injuring two others. New Yorkers who face the painful and difficult experience of being unhoused shouldn’t have to simultaneously fear for their safety,” said Manhattan District Attorney Bragg. “While today’s sentence will not bring back an innocent life lost and cannot undo the pain two New Yorkers face, I hope it provides a sense of comfort and closure.”


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