UES Subway Shover Indicted on Attempted Murder Charges

  Last modified on February 21st, 2024

Surveillance footage of Kamal Semrade was released to the public before his arrest.

Manhattan D.A. Bragg has announced the indictment of 39-year-old Kamal Semrade, a homeless man from Queens who pushed a woman into a moving train at the East 63rd Street station in May.

The woman was 35-year-old Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy, and the attack left her paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Semrade, who was arrested on May 23 – two days after the attack – is now facing one count of Attempted Murder in the Second Degree and one count of Assault in the First Degree, both class B felonies.


Semrade and Ozsoy both boarded the E train at the Roosevelt Avenue stop in Queens. Ozsoy got off at 63rd and Lexington Avenue, and Semrade followed. The incident took place at a bit past 6:00 a.m., when Semrade approached Ozsoy from behind, grabbed her head with both hands, and “shoved her with all his force into the moving subway car, which was accelerating to leave the station,” D.A. Bragg’s office writes.

Ozsoy suffered a spinal fracture which she received surgery for. She’s still paralyzed from the assault.

Following the violent act, Semrade left the subway station and returned to his shelter in Queens. After seeing a report from the NYPD, shelter employees were able to identify him, which led to his arrest.

With mounting medical bills, Ozsoy’s family launched a GoFundMe campaign shortly after the incident. As of writing, it’s raised $264,695 out of a $2 million goal. To contribute, please visit this page.

“Her life has been profoundly impacted by this tragic act of violence,” said Ferdi Ozsoy, Emine’s husband. “She has suffered a severe injury to her neck that has resulted in significant limitations. Unfortunately, her mobility is expected to be affected, greatly impacting her daily life. But of course, faith and hope are
never-ending. She’s young. She’s a strong woman. She’s creative. She’s empathetic. She’s a warrior. She’s a true friend who goes out of her way to help people.”

Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy gofundme

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Emine Yilmaz Ozsoy


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