Central Park Zoo Welcomes Two New Baby Lambs

The Central Park Zoo announced Thursday on social media that they’ve welcomed two new baby lambs to the Tisch Children’s Zoo: seven-week-old Bobbin and three-week-old Sage.

“Bobbin and Sage are harlequin sheep, a breed first introduced to the zoo in 2022,” the zoo wrote, adding that “Harlequins are small, docile sheep with a calm disposition.”

The pair are apparently equipped with “boundless energy” and for most of the day, they’re out with the rest of the flock. In addition to harlequin, which the zoo got from a farm in Virginia, the zoo has Shetland and southdown sheep (and a total of eight adult sheep).

The video shared by the Central Park Zoo shows the pair adorably bopping around while rubbing heads and never straying far from one another.

“Next time you visit, look out for our new lambs in the Children’s Zoo!”

The Central Park Zoo is located at East 66th Street just off Fifth Avenue. Learn more here.


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